'This Is', is the brand we created for Nicolas Roberti, an art director working for a wide range of clients. He has a versatile approach on design and creativity, from advertising and copywriting to publishing.

Nicolas approached Modern Practice to create a new graphic identity which must appeal to a large target audience, from the artist to the large corporate organisation.

Modern Practice worked closely with 'This Is' and its collaborators in order to have a full understanding of what they wanted to achieve with their business and brand.

After various workshops with the team we quickly understood that their business is all about surprising their audience.

In order to be able to speak through different voices, we created a flexible identity based on typography and language with a strong sense of unity within the visual style.

Every message or sentence begins with the brands' name, which acts as the core element of the identity. In order to add an aspect of surprise to the typographic system, the message is hidden behind three rectangular shapes, which lengths vary according to the sentence. When applied on printed matter, these rectangles can be scratched away, allowing the viewer to discover the whole message.

The identity uses two typefaces, Flama Semicondensed for all statement and Akkurat mono for all company information.
This Is


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