Rococo is a production company based in Antwerp. They represent film directors and produce commercials, music videos, viral and short films.

They have a weakness for stories and share an almost unhealthy ambition to create the perfect moving image.

For 'Rococo', their identity had to reflect their ambitious company vision. Starting as a production company they want to provide a wide array of services and experiences to their client ranging from photography to fashion...

Their aim is to produce serious quality work through a fun, twisted approach.

In order to translate their purpose, we created a system that brings two side to their visual identity.

By playing with fixed elements (grid systems, typefaces) and evolutionary elements (typographic messaging, colour palette) we created an identity system that could act with flexibility in order to translate their philosophy.

The solid serif logotype supported by a rigid grid system and a 'black and white' color palette are the core elements of the identity. They stands for the professional and qualitative aspects of the company.

On the other hand, the use of particular colors and intriguing signatures that could be adapted regarding to type of service they provide or client they work for, with the aim to share Rococo's creative side of business.


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