Bellerose is a Belgian clothing brand created in 1989. Present in fifteen countries, Bellerose makes clothes for men, women and kids which are inspired by original vintage garments and genuine workwear.

The company asked us to work on their brand strategy, the aim of this project was to help Bellerose re-define and articulate their identity in order for the brand to better express it's personality and purpose towards its audience.

This process intents to help Bellerose to make a better use of their visual identity (designed by Base Brussels), and improve the coherence in their communication.

Through different audits, we examined the company's identity, in order to better understand their behaviour, visual style, and compare them with their competitors.

With the close collaboration of a selected steering group, we were able to set up various interviews, focus groups and workshops.

As Bellerose is growing internationally, it is important for the brand to better express its personality, values and purpose. This will help their international audience to easily appreciate and connect with Bellerose.

The final goal of this process is to help Bellerose organising their communication tools and built coherence within their identity. Therefore we structured, supervised and advised them on their various communication materials.


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